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Duet May 2007 Survey 


Popolo NEWS Cross-talking
TV Fan Yamapi's drama
TV Guide Plus (Winter 2012) Yamapi
Spoon Kato Shigeaki
Orisuta Kato Shigeaki
Shige in various Magazines (February & March)
Popolo March 2012 Shige + Koyama Wedding Story (added Tegomasu's part)
Potato NEWS Eye Contact (4 members)
Myojo 2012 NEWS, friendship story (all members)
TV Pia Talk Event Colour Palette  (Shige)
Wink Up Interview  NEWS Cute Story (all members)
Duet Key words NEWS (all members)
Wink Up Interview Lucky 7 (Koyama)
TV Pia Colour Pallete Special Week (NEWS)
Myojo NEWS & Youth (all members) 
Popolo May NEWS Tabloid (all members)
TV Pia NEWS Colour Palette #49 Shigeaki-sensei
Special interview on Blackboard official website (Kato Shigeaki)
Wink up - NEWS colourful bouquet + the perfect girl's room (all members)
TV Pia - NEWS Colour Palette #50 (KoyaShige)
Potato - News Brothers (all)
Duet - NEWS days (all)
Duet - 50Q (Tegoshi)
Myojo Koyashige & Tegomasu Production (all members)
Popolo NEWS Bowling & Girls (all members)
Duet Johnny's Questions 50+50 (Shige + Massu)
Duet NEWS Swap (all)
Wink Up Special challenges (all)
Wink Up Keywords (all)
Potato Sun & Moon (all)
Duet - NEWS Manga (scan/ all)
Popolo - NEWS cakes & questions (all)
Myojo - NEWS Attack (all)
Colour Pallet #54 A thank you from NEWS (all)
Colour Pallet #55 A thank you from NEWS [Part 2] (all)
Duet NEWS Express (all)
Duet 50Q - Koyama 
Potato- NEWS surprise (all)
Wink Up- NEWS never apart (all)
TV Pia - NEWS Beginning (all)
TV Guide Plus - New NEWS (all)
TV Guide, TV life & Weekly the TV - NEWS (all)
Only star- NEWS Part 1 (all)
Only star - NEWS Part 2 (all)
Myojo - NEWS Best Questions (all)
Myojo - Tehepero Stories (all)
Popolo - NEWS passionate summer (all)
Myojo - Manga NEWS (scan / all)
Wink up  - Thank you for your love NEWS (all)
Duet - Kakkoii NEWS (all)
Potato - NEWS Sense of Unity (all)
TV Fan Cross - NEWS Everlasting Love (all)
QLap - NEWS endless summer (all)
Gekkan Songs - NEWS (all)
Myojo - NEWS Data (all)
Popolo - NEWS Loving You (all)
Potato - NEWS Enjoy summer (all)
Duet - NEWS Love X Live (all)
Wink Up - News & Friends (all)
QLAP - NEWS Relationships (all)
Wink Up - NEWS love & concert (all)
Myojo - NEWS Barbecue (all)
Popolo - NEWS during Lives (all)

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Luz y sombra, la lluvia de cuando sali de viaje
No regresare aqui nunca mas
Caminare mirando solo hacia adelante
En este mundo sin fin, estoy buscandote
No se que me depare a partir de este punto
A donde me llevara el mañana
En este punto no hay vuelta atras
Quiero saber el significado de mi nacimiento
Incluso la dificultad de creer
Al menos al final lo entiendo
Aunque aun tengo mis dudas
Quiero verte
No puedes tener un amanecer sin noche
Algo esta esperando
Estira tus manos
No se acabara si no te rindes
Luz y sombra, es el destino
Naci, un nacimiento de pena
Aun si me caigo, me levantare
En este mundo sin fin
Recuerdo, recuerdo
Naci para conocerte
Aun no he visto un amanecer acompañado de tu voz
Mantengo eso solo en mi corazon
Oprimido por una herida que no sana
En una esquina de esta gran ciudad
Antes de que me pudiera dar cuenta
Nos habiamos pasado en algun lado
Son lagrimas que no van a morir
Pero te encontrare en la siguiente ciudad
Los sueños en los que no crees
No se pueden volver una realidad
Hay luz al final fe la oscuridad
Pero mi corazon solo sigue cuestionando
Quien soy yo y probando mis recuerdos
Puedo escucharlo, puedo escucharlo
Es el mismo cielo que tu ves
Seguire viviendo mientras creo que
Sere guiado por un milagro y te encontrare
El mundo sigue girando sin que siquiera mi existencia sea notada
Pero ahora mismo, quiero creer en los encuentros
Luz y sombra, es el destino
Naci, un nacimiento de pena
Aun si me caigo, me levantare
En este mundo sin fin
Recuerdo, recuerdo
Naci para conocerte
Aun no he visto un amanecer acompañado de tu voz
Mantengo eso solo en mi corazon


Birth - KAT-TUN

 Light and shadow, the rain from when I set off on my journey
I won't come back here anymore
I'll walk only looking forward
In this never-ending world, I'm searching for you

I don't know what's in store for me from this point
Where tomorrow might take me
At this point there's no turning back
I want to know the reason for my birth

Even the difficulty of believing
At last I finally understand it
Although I still have my doubts, I want to meet you

You can't have a dawn without night
Something is waiting reach out your hands
It won't end if you don't give up

Light and shadow, it's fate
I was born, a birth of sorrow
Even if I fall, I'll get back up
In this never-ending world

I remember, I remember
I was born to meet you
I haven't yet seen a morning accompanied by your voice
I keep only that in my heart

Weighed down by a wound that doesn't heal
In a corner of this large town
Before I could realize it, we had passed eachother by

There are tears that won't die away
But I'll meet you in the next town
Dreams you don't believe in can't come true

There's light at the bottom of the darkness
But my heart just keeps questioning
Who I am and testing my memories

I can hear it, I can hear it
It's the same sky you look up at
I keep living while believing that
I'll be guided by a miracle and meet you

The world keeps turning around without even my existence being noted
But right now I want to believe in meetings

Light and shadow, it's fate
I was born, a birth of sorrow
Even if you fall, get back up
In this never-ending world

I remember, I remember
I was born to meet you
I haven't seen a morning with your voice, yet
I keep only that in my heart


Credits: Youtube
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Read more... ) on the mall ^^

Q6 Recent thing that made you relieved?
Ordering video games, books, and movie x'DDD 

Q7 Recent thing that you came to like?
Tin Larin *A type of snack*

Q8 Recent crisis that happened to you?
I'm always living a crisis (thanks to my teamwork!) ! XD Recently..... When I went to the doctor u.u .

Q9 Unexpectedly, I am...
(pregnant! ok, no)...interested in something I didn't studied for........ xDDDDD

Q10 I want to be more...
Direct. Harsh. Maybe even a little cruel....

Q11 Thing I'm attached to
To candies. And my hobby of translating *w*

Q12 Thing you like from yourself?
I'm a good listener, I like how I help to stop discussions and that I like to help in general.

Q13 Thing you hate from yourself?
I'm very lazy, I'm not the kind of person who calls and keeps contact...that's why people tend to forget me XD<- Same goes for me.
That I'm terribly shy... -_____- Sometimes due to that I tend to explain everything the wrong way....Also hate that people can take advantage from me u.u

Q14 Profession you wanted to be when you were a child?

Q15 Suddenly, you have a day off tomorrow. What'd you do?
Read novels *w* maybe.... even..... translating..... and cleaning....

Q16 If now you have a chance to go abroad, where'd you want to go?
Japan. London. Australia. Chile.

Q17 Now, when is the time where you feel most calm?
Just before sleeping at 2am....I love the evenings.... and the weather if it's like today..... Raining, a complete storm!!!

Q18 Now, the thing that most important to you?
Myself (my health specially)

Q19 The person you definitely want to meet?
My online friends...And maybe Yamapi......x'D

Q20 If talking about winter, what'd you think?
My favorite!!!! I love winter!!!! *w* Cold!!! Hot drinks that are actually enjoyable!!!

Q21 Winter 2011, what do you want to do?
I want to do a posada xDDDDD

Q22 Place you want to go for a date?
The park ^^ near the nature!!! *w*

Q23 When did the first time you fall in love? Any memory on it?
The very first was a classmate in elementary school.....After we graduated I phoned him and told him my feelings (since we couldn't meed) and all he told me was "Who are you?" ;A;

Q24 Favourite boy type is?
Physically I don't have a stereotype but... He must know a lot of topics, preferably with the same education (e.g, both have a carrer, or a master degree) He must be like a friend to me.... I like to joke and play so someone that can stand weird jokes and sometimes boring games would be awsome T^T also one with a strong stomache...since I don't know how to cook I'd try to cook for him, but preferably he needs a strong stomach ache  in order to resist my cooking ;A;//

Q25 A present you'd be happy receiving?
A Hug

Q26 Do you put up a strap on your cellphone?

Q27 Which one do you prefer, calling or mailing?
Mailing! My calls the longest one was for abaout 2 minutes :/ When I'm on the phone I only answer with "yes, no, ajam, sure, bye" x'DDDDD <- that was one actual conversation with my father xDDDDD

Q28 What has this day been to you?
It's been weird x'D being told that I was pregnant and not x'DDDDDDD I was like: "WTF? I don't even have a boyfriend and I'm #ForeverAlone. WTF???" x'D the doctor was like this after hearing that: eyes._.;;^_^;;

Q29 Your aim in 2012
To find work and to try to gain weight ;A; I need more weight!!!


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